Terms and conditions


Check-in time is at 13:00 pm and on. There are no exceptions. Check-out time is at 10:30 am. RioLoft.com doesn’t apply any fee upon check-in and check-out,  except fees for arrivals between 21:00 pm to 23.30 pm (25,00 €) and between 23.30 pm to 8:00 am  (50,00 € and must be communicated at least 2 days prior the arrival). Check-in on Sundays and on Bank Holidays costs 25,00 Euro.


Should there be any cancellation of a booking, even if replaced with another booking, Tenant shall pay the following penalties: In the case of a cancellation above 60 days prior to the arrival, no penalty will be paid and Tenant will be returned the entire sum except for bank expenses (ex. bank transfer, credit cards etc.) and 50 € for secretarial expenses. In the case of a cancellation between 59 and 40 days prior to the arrival RioLoft.com will retain 50% of the rent as a penalty. In the case of a cancellation between 39 and 20 days prior to the arrival Tenant shall pay 75% of the rent as penalty. In the case of a cancellation under 19 days of arrival Tenant shall pay the entire rent as penalty.


Tenant will be shown the flat and the functioning of the out-fittings. He/She will be given all necessary information to assure him/her a smooth stay. Once Tenant is given the keys, he/she becomes the caretaker of the flat and it’s out-fittings. If the flat and its out-fittings are damaged or destroyed, Tenant shall immediately communicate with RioLoft.com staff. As a result Tenant’s payment of security/damage deposit will not be returned. Tenant is expected to respect the surrounding neighborhood and to comply with the number of accompanying claimed persons occupying the flat. Final cleaning: the apartment must be left in order: the pottery must be cleaned, the garbage must be thrown outside the apartment.


The entire property displayed in the catalogue RioLoft.com and on the website www.rioloft.com can be rented out for a minimum stay of three (3) nights. All properties have been checked and photographed by RioLoft.com’ staff. The description of the property corresponds to the time of RioLoft.com agents visit. If Tenant should notice any irregularity from the description of the property or should there be any problem he/she shall immediately contact RioLoft.com (Customer service info on the contacts page) claiming in writing all complaints within 24hrs via e-mail (info@rioloft.com). RioLoft.com will do their best to sort out the problem and to ensure Tenant a comfortable stay. RioLoft.com is a real estate agency and does not own any of the flats in the catalogue RioLoft.com, or on the website www.rioloft.com, therefore RioLoft.com cannot be held liable towards contracting parties. Consequently Tenants have no right to ask for any reimbursement from RioLoft.com. The property selected by RioLoft.com are composed of private apartments usable as holiday flats. Said property cannot be classified in any international category such as hotels, hostels, or resorts. Furthermore properties are furnished according to Landlord’s tastes who wants to offer Tenant typical carioca hospitality. 
In case of severe problems, urgent reparations in the apartment, damages, or unpredictable events, we reserve the right to modify your booking, giving you a comparable apartment or upgrading  your booked apartment at no additional cost. In case of complaints, please advise urgently. Complaints notified after having vacated the apartment can not be taken into consideration.


In case of loss or damage of the apartment keys, a 50 € fee is due.

In case you forget any kind of object at the apartment, we can send it back to you; a 25 € fee + shipping costs is due for the service.

If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact us.


Our Terms and Conditions stated above are intended as automatically accepted by the Tenant with the confirmation of the reservation of our service.